Monday, 26 January 2015

A Fraud from Scotland Is Trying To Make A Deal Just To Return to Dubai – A Truth Revealed
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A Truth of Sending Crack Squad to Dubai Finally Revealed by a Top Crimebuster

xclusive: SCOTLAND’S wealthiest fraud suspect is trying to negotiate a deal with HMRC officials to return home from Dubai where he has been residing from past 6 years after being on the run for his alleged involvement in a £300 million VAT fraud case.

Imran Hussain,34, is reportedly living a high life in Dubai where he has 2 luxury houses, fleet of cars and a yacht to his name but according to sources he is desperate to come back home.
One Source said:’’ He has everything he could have ever wished for in Dubai but it’s not home ‘’. He wants to come back home immediately but not to spend 20 years in confinement instead he would prefer to hand over huge amount of sum in exchange for a lighter sentence.
Hussain, had already been in contact with HMRC negotiating a deal and sources have described the communication between him and HMRC as very ‘’sensitive’’.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Top Wanted VAT Fraudster in Glasgow – Imran Hussain
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Imran Hussain, is a popular figure on the list of top Value Added Tax (VAT) fraudsters. He is only 34 years old with a verdict of GBP 300 million against him. These days he is living in Pakistan with desperate attempts to return to his home town of Glasgow. Before he moved to Pakistan, he was living the High Life in Dubai with a fleet of expensive cars, a yacht and a private jet for his clandestine visits to Europe.

Our sources revealed that Imran Hussain has contacted HMRC seeking a bargain on the 20 year sentence that he may have to face eventually. He had been running from place to place to avoid the arrest. His offers apparently is to part ways with most part of his illegally acquired Tax Payer’s money and live his life in his native town of Newton, Glasgow.

Apparently, he was also involved in Carousel Fraud which involves hundreds of fake companies being operated all over Europe and claimed VAT against high priced goods. Interestingly, low valued goods were traded against a declaration of high priced items like iPhones, iPads or other mobile devices. It was detected through one random inspection by customs and from thereon he had been on the run.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Fraud from Scotland Is Trying To Make A Deal Just To Return to Dubai – A Truth Revealed
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A biggest wealthiest VAT fraud is in Scotland.

Exclusive SCOTLAND’S wealthiest fraud mistrust is trying to strike a deal to return from United Arab Emirates but keep his cash, we can disclose.
Mr Imran Hussain who is 34 years old and, he has been on the run from investigators of HMRC for 6 years over a Value Added Tax scam in which he has allegedly stolen three hundred million £ (£300million) from United Kingdom taxpayers.
The former sunbed shop boss Imran Hussain has been in his country since being forced out of the millionaires’ playground of the UAE (Dubai). But the associate has disclosed that playboy Imran Hussain is Impatient his Scotland city Glasgow to his friends and family members.
The sources said: “He has so much and he could wish for in Dubai but that is not home.” He has efficiently been on the run since the end of 2006 and he also said this is the time to come back in his city but he will only do if he can get the best deal with VAT collection department. He wants to come back his home but he did not want to spend 20 years in a cell.
Imran Hussain is living very high profiled life in Dubai, where he has two luxury houses, lot of cars and a yacht. Whenever he wants to Europe he was using his private jet. He spent luck on a lot of parties and thought nothing of buying wealthiest Rolex watches for his pals. But Hussain was forced to leave the desert kingdom when HMRC investigators were sent to track him down.

Friday, 17 January 2014

£300 millions VAT tax dodge fugitive launches bid to return to Scotland
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A biggest and one of the wealthiest fraudster is trying to strike a deal to return from currently country Dubai but the officials said, keep your cash, we can reveal.
Imran Hussain is 34 years old and he run from HMRC investigators for six years over a value added tax scam, British Government nominates him tax dodger. He is allegedly stolen of £300m from UK taxpayers. He was run since the end of 2006 and it is the time to come back his home but he will only do so if he can get the right deal.

Imran Hussain is from Newton Mearns, Glasgow Scotland and he had already been in contact with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) about a reasonable deal.

His nearest source said that Imran Hussain has everything and he want to go back his native town but he could wish for in United Arab Emirates and it’s not his home.

Hussain is living an executive life in Dubai UAE and where he owned two luxury homes, a fleet of motor cars and an electronic yacht. He is using jet when he travelled to European countries.

Imran Hussain VAT Fraud Case in Glasgow Scotland
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Imran Hussain is one of the wealthiest fraudster from Glasgow, Scotland. HMRC officials said he is one of the biggest fraudster and now he is trying to strike a possible deal to back from Dubai, UAE but HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) officials said, keep your cash, we can reveal.
Mr. Hussain was living in the main city of Newton Mearns, Glasgow Scotland and he already been contact with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs “HMRC” about the best and right deal.
Mr. Imran Hussain is one of the billionaire and he is 34 years old. Imran Hussain was run away from HMRC official investigators for 6.25 years over a special and main VAT (Value Added Tax) fraud scam, as per British Government law, he is a biggest VAT tax dodger. He is allegedly dodged of £300m from (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) official taxpayers. He was runaway since the end of 2006 and it is the best time to return back to Glasgow, Scotland but he can do on single reason if he get the best and reasonable deal.
A nearest source said Mr. Hussain has got everything in his life and he wants return back to his native city back but he could only wish for in UAE but it’s not his home.

Mr. Hussain is living a ministerial life in UAE (Dubai) and where he owned personal an electronic yacht, two luxury and nice homes and one fleet of motor cars. Whenever he tours to European countries he was only using his private jet.

A Fraud from Scotland Is Trying To Make A Deal Just To Return to Pakistan – A Truth Revealed
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Scotland’s wealthiest VAT fraud suspect, Imran Hussain, is looking for a deal to get back to his homeland. He was allegedly involved in a scam according to HRMC investigators where he siphoned of GBP 300 million of tax payer’s money.

Hussain is desperate to get back to Glasgow despite living a high life in Dubai. He is looking for a bargain where he does not lose all that he had accumulated with a verdict of 20 years behind bars.

It is rumored to be a case of partnerships gone sour in companies that were later on alleged to be fake and nonfunctional, but nothing concrete had come out so far.

Imran Hussain did not just focus on £300 million VAT fraud but also planned and played a role in the infamous carousel fraud of £3.0 billion. So far the investigations are in process and the factual findings are still awaited.

A Top Crimebuster Exposed How a Crack Squad were Sent to Dubai - An Exclusive News
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Recently a top crimebuster has revealed the news related to crack squad, which was sent to Dubai. The main aim was to hunt down the VAT criminals, who were threatening to bankrupt the Britain.

According to David Odd, the criminals involved in this carousel fraud took £3.5 billion from taxpayers. The worst part is that it took them only one year to accomplish their fraudulent goals.
Assistant Director of HM Revenue and Customs Investigation, Scotland said that his officials were helping the authorities of other European countries to deal with carousel fraud and it was in fact this cooperation that lead to unearthing of massive scam in Scotland back in 1990.
The accused claimed VAT on goods, as according to them they imported the goods and then exported them abroad. The amazing part was that those goods never existed. No one had an idea that the total scam would cost £3.0 billion in 2006.
David Odd believes if these carousel frauds are not checked on time, it would lead to Treasury losses that would remain unrecoverable at large and lead the whole country towards an unavoidable financial crises.
The infamous Imran Hussain VAT Fraudster, from Glasgow, 34 years old man, was also found in connection with the fraudsters. He is allegedly responsible for a VAT scam of £300 million.

Later on HMRC introduced a verification program to control VAT repayments claims. A lot of efforts were being made for the efficient control and it is expected to reduce the impact of VAT fraud due to these efforts.